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Collaboration with the Scorpions

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Liel and The Scorpions met in Berlin, early in 2006, at an aid concert for the victims of the tsunami.
Liel sang "Imagine" when Klaus Meine (The lead singer of the Scorpions) joined her on stage. Klaus and Liel "clicked", their voices sounded amazing together. A few weeks later they went into the studio and recorded several duets. One of the songs is a new version for "Send me an Angel" - one of the Scorpions' biggest hits.
Liel's teamwork with the Scorpions was very successful and thereafter they invited Liel to be a guest star in their concerts.
Liel and Klaus performed "Send me an angel" on the biggest TV show in Germany - "Herz fur Kinder


                                                           Liel and the Scorpions recording the song "Jerusalem"
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